Biography Writing FAQ

Hiring a biography writer can be confusing.  Here are answers to some typically-asked questions. This will help you better understand the general process.

1. What goes into my biography?

The biography will be written from a personal interview, research and fact-checking.

2. How long will my biography be?

OCPR offers 3 types of bios.  They are listed below

-Short (1/2 page) to be used with  one-sheet overviews, booking introductions, etc.

-Classic (3/4 to 1 page) to be used on website.

-Long form are available (1 1/2 to 2 pages) to be used for in-depth media kits.

3. Where do we start?

For a full biography, expect a minimum of 1 hour of interview time with the subject of the biography. Your OCPR biographer may also conduct supplemental interviews (with other people that you designate).

4. What makes a good biography?

A biographer crafts a narrative that is compelling.  If you want a real story that follows the true themes of a person’s life, then you need a writer who can conduct efficient interviews and thorough research accordingly

5. Can interviews for a biography be conducted remotely?

Sure. We interview clients via Skype, telephone, and email.

6. How will the cost of my biography project be determined?

Time for writing a biography, including interview and fact research will total at least 10 hours.  At our average flat rate of $50 an hour, the basic package cost is $500.  There are discounts offered for purchasing more than one length.  Quotes are provided at the time of initial contact.  Fill out our contact form here.

7. How do I process payment?

Prior to work commencing, a 50% deposit is due and may be processed via this link.   The remaining balance is due once the first draft is delivered.  All quotes paid in full upfront are invoiced at a 10% discount.  Client is able to review first draft and request up to  three (3) revisions.