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Approximately 46 percent of Americans have a smartphone, and this has made a big impact on the way that businesses can connect with their current and potential customers. In fact, cell phone applications, which are more commonly referred to as apps, have become one of the best branding tools available. However, it is imperative to take steps to make your app stand apart from your competitors’ offerings if you want to receive the optimal benefit from taking advantage of this relatively new marketing platform.

1. Focus on Stability – Many companies launch apps that have robust features, but users become very frustrated when they are not actually able to use them. In other words, it is better to have a leaner app that does not crash on a regular basis than to release something that looks pretty but is not very functional.

2. Utilize a Branding Agency – Even if you already have a solid idea about what you want your app to do, you should still consider working with an experienced branding agency to explore your options. Many business owners seek the help of a branding agency like (name removed) to implement an overall strategy. Such a partner can be difficult to choose. However, learning about (link removedhistory and their ability to recreate themselves would make it easy to see the branding expertise they possess.

After all, your smartphone app should be an important piece of your brand marketing plan, and you should choose a branding agency that can help you utilize modern strategies to develop a more creative approach.

3. Introduce Something New – Most smartphone users are impressed by innovative leaps in technology. Therefore, it is a good idea to introduce something new into the marketplace with your app. For example, the first company that allowed people to stream videos through an app ended up influencing the way that all apps are made.

If you can develop something new and useful, you will have the opportunity to connect with your customers and have a positive influence on future apps.

4. Make Your App Eye-Catching – Most apps use basic colors and fonts, and this is much better than providing users with a cluttered interface. However, imparting information about your business while also utilizing an eye-catching template is the best way to encourage people to use your app on a regular basis.

5. Provide Useful Data – The market is definitely over saturated with apps that do not serve much of an actual purpose. For example, many banks will let you check your account balance through an app, but it is difficult to accomplish anything else of interest without visiting the company’s website.

Instead of giving into the allure of a simple and quick app, you should spend time developing something that will actually be useful for your consumers. In other words, if you own a bank, you should give people the ability to scan checks, apply for a loan and contact customer service from within your company’s app.

Without a solid app in place, you are going to turn off some of your consumers. Because of this, it is best to take the time to create a useful app that can help current and potential customers connect more easily with your products and services.