Additional Services

Can I write my own articles and have you place them?

We do place pre-written articles for some clients.  However, clients must provide high quality articles to be considered.  Five articles must be submitted at a time with a flat rate fee of $450.  Articles will be published within 10 business days to blogs chosen by  There is a quality assurance review for each article prior to publishing.  We will provide editorial feedback and ask client to correct any errors.  Client will have 24 hours to do so. *Once we build a relationship with a blog owner, we promise to provide them with quality content.  In order for our relationships to remain in tact, we must deliver accordingly. *

What is included in the Follow-Up Service?

Our follow-up service includes two components:

1.)Monitoring post links to ensure they remain live.  (If there are any problems with the link, we will contact the blog owner to attempt to correct the issue on client behalf.)

2.)Monitoring posts for reader comments and responding accordingly.

  • This service is provided as a courtesy to our long-term contracted clients.  It expires at the time of contract expiration, unless service contract is renewed.

  • Cost for our non-contract clients is $50 per post, per month.

What is the Targeted Commenting Service?

1.)We search for sites that are relevant to your industry and/or customer demographic.

2.)We read posts on chosen sites to gain knowledge necessary to leave a quality comment. In the website field, we add your URL. This is where you will get your backlinks from.

3.)If the comment is approved, you will receive a backlink that will stay in place permanently.

4.)When your commenting project is complete, we will provide you with an Excel worksheet containing URLs where we left comments on your behalf.

*Please contact us for pricing.