OCPR 101

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the process through which a website publishes content generated by creators outside their editorial team. Also, the term refers to creating that content, which is then subsequently published by a website that accepts guest posts. It is an increasingly popular strategy for boosting brand awareness.

Why do I need OCPR services?

The Internet is a lot like that famous saying: “If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?” Likewise, if you have great ideas OR your company provides great quality products or services, but has no audience to communicate with, can it ever hope to achieve success? In order to thrive brands need visibility.

OCPR content publishing services will do just that for you – the process will put your name out there, by associating your brand with informative, relevant, and unique written content.

How does OCPR provide quality?

We provide good content, which readers enjoy and which makes them notice client brands AND click on client links. Our blog outreach process has enabled brands to stand out from the crowd and increase their brand recognition through good strategizing, consistent content, and engaging discussions generated around the content.

Can I delete a published article?

As a courtesy to our current clients, we will send rescind notices to blog owners on your behalf, but it is up their discretion to remove articles from their site.  Once a post is published, you still own the content, but the publishing rights reside with the blog owner in return for us being able to connect with their audience,  retain author credentials and a back-link to your website.

Can I post a completed article in more than one place?

We strongly discourage clients from posting articles to more than one site OR even their own blog after we have published it.  We suggest clients provide a link to the article in their newsletter or blog if they would like to reference the article.  We can provide additional, unique content for your personal OR company blog if needed.

Once an article is published with a contact we have made on the client’s behalf,  it can no longer be used anywhere else.  Google is pushing to eliminate duplicate content from website rankings and punish companies that rely on duplicate content to build their rank. We do not participate in any activities that Google would consider Black Hat and we educate our client’s on how to remain in compliance with Google requirements as well.

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