Our Process

Who writes the content for your guest articles?

The writers that OCPR employ have as much as five years of experience in online copywriting under their belt.  All our staff has been trained in the quality standards that we expect. They are able to generate native-quality content in a wide range of niches and have proven their expertise in various fields, from fashion and tourism, to banking, real estate, and insurance.  All our content is checked for originality, fact accuracy, and language. We assure that your guest articles will only be written by professional writers.

What if I don’t like the quality of site chosen for publishing my article?

On selected special orders we can submit an initial site list before posts are published.  If selected for our special ordering service, you will have 24 hours to approve this list which can be revised ONE time.  During the revision period you have the right to refuse any site on that list that is not acceptable to you.  We will replace each rejected site within 5 business days.  Once posts are published, they cannot be changed as content is indexed quickly by the Google algorithm.

However, please note that the sites upon which we place regular orders meet all qualifications and will serve as a great addtion to any link porfolio.  It takes time to develop a relationship with each and every site we use.  You can feel confident that each site that carries your content has passed rigorous validation checks and has been qualified as relevant and authoritative as relates to your niche, marketing strategy focus.

Is the content unique and 100% original?

Yes, OCPR strictly delivers original content, thoroughly checked by our team of editors. However, we also encourage our clients to do more than take our word for it. There are plenty of free plagiarism checkers available online. We invite you to run any material published by us through any of these tools and then decide about the uniqueness and originality of our content for yourself.

Can I see an example of your previous guest posts?

Sure!  Although we can’t share published posts to protect the confidentiality of our clients we’d be happy to let you get a feel for our writing style and quality.  We can privately deliver samples of our guest posts at your request.  Contact us here.

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