Key Influencer Outreach:

Traditional marketing is DEAD….  If you want to stay ahead of the curve where marketing is concerned, you should have been on top of an online content marketing strategy yesterday.   It is not however, too late to make your mark.  One of the most organic, tried and true components of great content marketing strategies is guest blog posting.  Over the last five years, OCPR has mastered this skill and has efficiently helped thousands of clients build their brands through developing relationships with key influencers by offering quality content that their online audiences appreciate.

Just watch people…yes watch them.  How many people do you see walking around with a newspaper these days, listening to traditional radio (without station surfing during commercials), opening junk mail, or actually paying attention to commercials on TV??  Right, we don’t see many either.  This is the very reason our company was created…to connect with people (your potential customers) where they WANT to be reached.

We can do our part to help you reach the blogs that your customers love, rely on and trust for information.

Our MAIN services are OutREACH and CopyWRITING.

We provide these services for Business clients to reach their consumers as well as Executive Professionals to enhance their reputations as online authorities in their industry. 

**Follow the links above to access our corresponding price lists.  We are fully transparent when it comes to the cost of our services as we are confident that we are very competitive based on the quality and attention to detail provided by our company.   We encourage you to research all companies that provide services complimentary to ours before making a final purchase decision.  **

With our OutREACH programs, we can DELIVER the following:

  1. Beneficial relationships with key influencers of the blog world. Your company can reach audiences these influencers have already built.

  2. High-quality unique content for your exclusive publication.

  3. Help with leveraging content to build your brand with added services such as social sharing and follow-up post monitoring.

  4. Maximize your ROI with optional custom analytics to measure and shape your continued content blog post outreach program.

Here is a snapshot of Our 5-step Process:

1. Brainstorm

Each month we’ll come up with fresh ideas for new article topics. Here are a few ways we’ll do that.

  • Research trending topics

  • Review competitor’s content

  • Find keyword opportunities

  • Content Curation

    *Client topic suggestions are welcome too!

2. Pitch

Our public relations team will exclusively pitch content to the appropriate blogs which fit your message.

3. Write

Our writers will extensively research each proposed topic and create new articles that will mesh with your existing content.

4. Review

Our review process is broken into two parts…

  1. Our content editing team will check each post for originality and readability.

  2. It will be sent to you for your review and approval. You are entitled to one revision per post before publishing.

5. Publish

Once you are pleased with the content it will be published on the sites of blogs which have been pitched for your content.  We will include images and format your post according to respective blog guidelines.

As mentioned above, here are our packages (business/individual) along with pricing.
We are transparent about cost as well as quality.