Announcing #TellYourStory

A Campaign For Faith-Built Business Women

What is #TellYourStory?

Your strength may not be writing, but you have achieved success on so many other levels.  Levels that have been reached with blood, sweat, prayers and most importantly FAITH.  You are an inspiration to others in your community, but only a FEW know your real testamony.  You know your story could be an inspiration to others, but how can you SHARE it?

Today we have partnered with TDM Group to announce #TellYourStory— a new campaign that’s challenging businesswomen everywhere to share how their faith has impacted their success.  As strong women that have built faith-based businesses ourselves, we are blessed to be able to fellowship with like minds as well as empower others to celebrate themselves.

Why did we start #TellYourStory?

#TellYourStory is about empowering the next generation of faith-based businesses. Across the globe, writing communities are more widely dispersed and diverse than ever.  We’d like to add to that diversity by helping more faith-based authors develop their voice.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a social media campaign that would bring writers together to celebrate both their business successes along with the common passion we all share -our faith. We’ve committed to bringing a unique, motivational book with actionable insights to life.

How does it work? If you’d like to be involved and think you have a GREAT story to share, fill out the #TellYourStory survey (here) as a first step.  We will respond to everyone within the next few weeks if you are chosen to proceed further.